The sex lives of atheists (and the pious)

Tom Rees from Epiphenom reports on three studies done on sex:

Take a bunch of unmarried students of diverse backgrounds at a university in the south-west of the USA. Now which of them, do you suppose, has the raunchiest sex lives? Christians? Jews? The nonreligious? Or atheists, perhaps? (…)

If anything, Christian women lost their virginity slightly earlier than atheists. (…)

In a separate study, they looked at the frequency and types of sexual fantasies. Here there was a clear difference. Atheist and especially agnostic women (but again, not men) fantasise more often and more widely (gender bending, masochism, sadism – you name it!). (…)

[F]undamentalist Christian men actually reported more sexual partners in the past year than their non-religious counterparts! A case of get religion and get laid? Or just down to the fact that here is a relative shortage of evangelical men?

Oddly enough, the only men to confess to having taken part in homosexual intercourse were Christian (just under 10% of Christian men) (…)

Surely that last bit wouldn’t have anything to do with the institutionalized pederasts that are all over the news?

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